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  • Balance Fit
    The Balance Icons make it easy for customers to identify menu items that meet specific nutrition criteria.  Compass Group educates consumers by incorporating an easy-to-understand icon identifier system, so that customers can choose meals and snacks that complement their fitness and wellness goals. 
    The “Fit” icon represents menu items which are moderate in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium.  This information allows our customers to make thoughtful choices of healthier foods in the right portions, which complements an overall healthier lifestyle.
    • Full Meal or Combo (i.e. entrée and two sides):  ≤600 Calories, ≤25g Fat, ≤5g Saturated Fat, ≤100mg Cholesterol, and ≤600mg Sodium
    • Entrée (only):  ≤400 Calories, ≤20g Fat, ≤5g Saturated Fat, ≤100mg Cholesterol, and ≤600mg Sodium
    • Side Item:  ≤250 Calories, ≤5g Fat, ≤20mg Cholesterol, and ≤400mg Sodium
    • Soup (housemade):  ≤5g Fat, ≤500mg Sodium
    Vegetarian – Does not contain meat, fish or poultry but may contain dairy and/or eggs.
    Controlled Sodium – Contains less than 400 mg of sodium per plate.

    Superfoods - Provides health benefits beyond basic nutrients.​