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  • Moderate in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.
  • Contains less than 400 mg of sodium per plate.
  • Contains no meat, fish, poultry or shellfish, but may contain dairy or egg.
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  • Superfoods - Provides health benefits beyond basic nutrients

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Always Available
Light tender and crispy
3 serving(s)1050
Crunchy wings in spicy sauce
6 each720
1 each600
1 serving(s)480
Meat, vegetable and olive pizza
8 slice4240
A personal pizza with "the works"
1 each720
1 serving(s)140
Ham, turkey, cheddar and Swiss cheese, with hard cooked egg, tomato and mixed greens
1 plate430
A perfect size house salad.
1 each25
Grilled to perfection
1 each350
1 serving(s)620
Thinly sliced ham and whole wheat bread
1 sandwich370
Chicken, cheese, herbs & spices on whole wheat
1 sandwich300
Bacon, lettuce, turkey and tomatoes
1 plate760
Roast Beef on Crusty Bread with Au Jus
1 sandwich610
Grilled Filet of Beef cooked to perfection
6 oz meat340
Rosemary Grilled Shrimp
4 oz portion270
A simple grilled salmon recipe
1 each150
Crispy fried beef fritter topped with a sausage country gravy
6 ounce260
6 oz portion230
Boneless breast of chicken, grilled to perfection
5 oz meat280
5 ounce310
Tender inside and crispy sweet outside
5 ounce260
Crisp and golden
5 ounce280
5 ounce370
Shredded cabbage tossed in dressing.
4 ounce40
Tender broccoli, lightly seasoned
1/2 cup35
1/2 cup50
Fluffy Idaho potato
1 each210
Light and fluffy
1/2 cup150
Be aware that we handle and prepare egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut, tree nut, gluten and other potential allergens in the food production areas of our facility. We attempt to provide nutrition and ingredient information that is as complete as possible. Products may change without our knowledge and menu items are prepared in close proximity to other ingredients that may result in cross-contact with ingredients not listed, including allergens. Guests with food allergies or specific dietary concerns should speak with a manager for individualized assistance.

A "-" dash indicates that there is no value currently available for the nutrient
A "+" plus sign indicates the value has been calculated from available data, but some are missing.